Mesmerising dance and abstract art

While symphonies by legendary composers Rachmaninov, Mahler and Drillot will be providing an enchanting musical backdrop, choreographers Oscar Araiz and Lucinda Childs have prepared a dance spectacle like no other this April.Read more

Musical exhibition at the Palais Lascaris

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Assembled by accomplished harpist Gisele Tissier, the new collection at the historic Palais Lascaris in Old Nice includes a variety of ornate harps, dating from the 17th to the 19th century. The harps contribute to a total of 66 old musical heirlooms, each bearing witness to the centuries of musical culture that have passed through the city's distinguished venues. Many of the ancient artefacts have even been played in concerts throughout the ages.Read more

Marseille entertains the masses

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Whether you’re a film fanatic or theatre-lover, a foodie or an art enthusiast, 'culture' in every sense of the word will be on your doorstep this year. After winning a long-fought battle to become the Capital of Culture 2013, Marseille Provence is freeing its heritage from the fetters of private galleries and museums and displaying it on the streets for all to enjoy.Read more

Ukrainians on the Côte

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The Côte d'Azur has always attracted prominent figures of culture, and Ukrainians are no exception. But few people are actually aware of this.Read more

Finding life again in the south of France

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On Boxing Day 2004, the world was rocked by one of the worst natural disasters in recent decades. A giant tsunami, triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, hit south Asia and within a few hours 230,000 people were dead. 2012 marks eight years since the unimaginable disaster, but the pain suffered by those who lost friends and family remains. Billi Cramer and Michael Schäffer are two survivors who lost everything - and fought back to regain their lives.Read more

Recreating Africa in Monaco

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Philippe Paschkes invites you to travel with him on a magical voyage that is both surreal and real. Your destination… Africa. Since the age of 16, Philippe, who was born in Beaulieu sur Mer, has worked in the field of fashion. This exhibition - and book - was created from the dissonance Philippe felt during his frequent professional trips to Africa, between the luxury he was welcomed with and the poverty he saw on the outside.Read more

Flagrances – exhibition & performances

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Franck Olivas returns to the MUSEAAV on Place Garibaldi in Nice, two years after his first appearance when he immersed the audience in total darkness to attain stunning photography and dance.Read more

Curtain up at the former Antibes courthouse

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The new Théâtre le Tribunal in Place Amiral Barnaud was inaugurated with much pomp and ceremony on the 15th of September. Bunting decorated the podium set up in front of the theatre, and loud music blared from speakers as the Mayor made a gushing speech without actually saying anything at all.Read more

Life support

Dear Andy,
We have just moved to France from the UK and find the school system here complicated to say the least! Can you shed some light on how to register our son for kindergarten and how it all works?
Searching for Schools, PegomaRead more

Hidden gems in Loup valley

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Our journey following the Loup's descent to the sea now takes us south through the Upper Loup valley, past the gorges to the medieval village of Le Bar sur Loup, known, thanks to the cultivation of the bigaradier orange, as the Cité des Orangers.Read more