More sand, please!

The winter months were almost as busy as those of summer for Cannes’ shoreline as 80,000 cubic metres of sand were transported onto the already artificial beach. Since the 1960s, when the first major widening operation took place, not much has been done to maintain the 1.4 kilometre-long plage.Read more

The sea & you

The French Ministry for an Ecological and Inclusive Transition (most often referred to as the Ministry of Ecology) is asking for public assistance with strategies for the protection and conservation of the country’s coastline and waters.Read more

Let it snow

Towns and cities across the French Riviera woke up to more winter wonderland this morning than a region that seemed to be welcoming in spring. Snow is expected throughout the day and temperatures as low as -11°C have been recorded in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur during the early hours of Monday.Read more

Cannes’ Festival des Jeux

Wondering what to do on a rainy day? The International Game Festival in Cannes, which has been held at the Palais des Festival every year since 1978, has everything from traditional board games to simulation games like Escape Room, video games and trading card games. It’s on until 25th February and admission is free!Read more

Becoming you: child-friendly learning at a Montessori school

No grades, free work and mixed activities: often viewed critically, but in fact, full of opportunities, Montessori education is experiencing a global upswing. A school in Sophia-Antipolis shows Riviera Insider how lessons can be taught in a different way. Read more

Council of State cancels dolphin & orca breeding ban

Just months after pledging to bring an end to the captive breeding of orca and dolphins, the French Council of State has backtracked on its decision.Read more

90 years of the Monument aux Morts

The vast Monument aux Morts de Nice will mark its 90th anniversary today with a grand ceremony commemorating the 2,000 Niçois who died during World War I as well as those lost to the UK, USA, Italy and France as a whole.Read more

Seasonal festivals

From the circus to fruits and flowers... Riviera Insider presents the first festivals of 2018. Read more

Ville de Nice shuts access to coast

Ensuing bad weather conditions have led the Ville de Nice to close access to certain parts of the city’s coastline from 2pm today.Read more

French labour law reform

During his presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron announced his plans for significant reforms to France’s labour laws.Read more