La piscine: let’s take a dip

Whether for the clear blue skies or the ceruleanwaters of the Mediterranean, it’s not without reason that this part of the world is called the Côte d’Azur. But if you’ve tired of the sand and saltof the beaches, grab your towel and head to one ofthese stunning swimming pools. After you!Read more

Club Vivanova: on top of the world at the Chèvre d’Or

On 20th July, join Club Vivanova for a sensational rosé wine party at one of the finest dining establishments of the French Riviera, the Château de la Chèvre d’Or.Read more

Traffic measures for 14th July in Nice

With large-scale commemorations planned in memory of the victims of last year’s terror attack, local authorities in Nice are warning residents and visitors of traffic modifications, road closures and parking restrictions within and around the city at the end of this week.  Read more

Summer sales have arrived!

Last Wednesday marked the start of the awaited six-week summer sales in the Alpes-Maritime department.Read more

Voisins Voices: British embassy launches newsletter for expats in France

Voisins Voices, a quarterly newsletter for British expats living in France, was launched by the British Embassy in Paris earlier this year. The online publication was created in response to feedback from the British community requesting better communication of activities and issues that may affect them.Read more

The Ligne Nouvelle Provence-Côte d’Azur

Over 150 years after the current railway was laid, the region could be about to sign off on plans for a brand new track.Read more

Seborga re-elects its prince: Riviera insider chats with first lady Nina Menegatto

Winning the trust of the people for the second time, at the end of April this year, 129 of 325 inhabitants voted for 38-year old contractor Marcello Menegatto, officially known as Marcello I. 42 votes went to his only opponent, English journalist and radio DJ Mark Dezzani.Read more

Byblos: half a century on

The legend of Saint Tropez, the Byblos hotel, will celebrate its 50th anniversary on 17th July!Read more

Art in the hinterland: Thorenc d’Art

Creative in all its facets, the Pays de Grasse has organised a day focused on art in the area of Thorenc on 8th July.Read more

Classical music festival in the Var

Every Monday evening at 9pm from 10th July to 14th August, the gardens of the Domaine du Rayol, located in the Var, will welcome all visitors at the annual Romantic Evenings festival – Soirées Romantiques - with six outdoor concerts of classical and Mediterranean music.Read more