Private audience with Pope Francis for Bastille Day victims

Families of the victims and those injured in the Bastille Day attack in Nice have been invited to a private meeting with Pope Francis on the 24th September in Rome. The attack, which saw a truck being deliberately crashed into large crowds attending a fireworks show on the Promenade des Anglais, claimed its 86th victim last week when a man succumbed to his injuries.Read more

Deckhand missing following free dive near the Lérins Islands

A deckhand of New Zealand nationality is reportedly missing following a free dive on Monday evening. According to early reports, the man - believed to be working on British flag motor yacht  Meamina - dived below the hull of the motor yacht towards the end of the day, but was reported missing when he failed to re-surface. Read more

Port du Fontvieille building works continue

Contruction work that has been taking place on the yard area of Monaco’s Port de Fontvieille is set to continue with the restoration of the port’s embankment. The work, which is being carried out by the Service de Travaux Publics, first started in February of last year.Read more

Victim recovering from contaminated water injuries

A man who had to be placed in an artificial coma after drinking a bottle of contaminated water from a Cannes bar has woken up. The 25-year-old Georgian holiday maker’s life was left in danger after a bottle of water contaminated with detergent caused severe burns to his mouth and stomach. The victim’s 26-year-old sister was also hospitalised after drinking some of the water, but was left in a less serious state as she didn’t drink as much as her brother.Read more

Nice celebrates the 72nd anniversary of its liberation

On Sunday 28th August, the people of Nice will come together to celebrate the WWII liberation of their city. This year marks the 72nd year since the liberation, with a program of events taking place throughout the day to commemorate those whose courage helped the city find freedom and peace.Read more

Man sentenced for attacking nun

A man has been sentenced to two years in prison without parole for threatening a nun and for making statements that support terrorism. The criminal court of Grasse condemned 61-year-old Assein Bouzidi for creating scenes of turmoil and fear at the Eglise Notre Dame de la Garoupe in Cap d’Antibes.Read more

Cannes firework festival prizes announced

The 36th edition of the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique came to a close on Wednesday night after the last of its competitors presented their firework display. Flash Barandov, who were competing for the Czech Republic, put on a show entitled ‘Straight to the Heart’ that focused on music and fire as a joyful duet.Read more

Support for victims of Italian earthquake

In recent statements, Prince Albert of Monaco and Christian Estrosi have both expressed their solidarity with those who have been affected by the powerful earthquake that devastated parts of central Italy early Wednesday morning. The 6.2 magnitude earthquake has so far killed at least 241 people and left nearly 400 people injured, with numbers likely to rise further.Read more

Security heightened in schools

Since the attacks in Paris in 2015, four million euros have been ploughed into improving security at Nice’s 163 schools, two million euros of which has been put towards installing the highest response technologies such as alert buttons and alarms. 560,000 euros has been set aside for the introduction of security agents outside school buildings who will work directly with the city’s municipal police. By the end of November 170 additional CCTV cameras will also have been fully integrated into school properties. Keen to reassure parents, Nice major Philippe Pradal has confirmed that no distinction will be made between Nice’s private and state schools.Read more

Estrosi defends police over burkini ban

President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Christian Estrosi has released a statement defending police officers who are enforcing the new burkini ban. The highly controversial law, which was passed in Nice on 18th August, has seen women all along France’s south coast being forced to strip down or face fines.Read more