Overview May 2009

What can I say - for me, May is the most exciting month to be on the glorious Riviera. I’m not just talking about the big events for film fans and motor nuts, but all the summer groups and activities which unfurl and come alive as the evening breeze warms up.Read more

Discover the autumn fashion trends!

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Romantic rose, sexy black, or burning red... fashionistas are spoilt for choice! The love story between La mode and Paris is at its height in September with Fashion Week.Read more

Public Art filling empty spaces

From Nice to New York, galleries and auction houses are feeling the squeeze. In Manhattan alone, 24 galleries (out of roughly 500 in total) have closed in the past two years, mostly in Chelsea, according to New York-based Artnet magazine. Things aren't better in auction rooms: Sotheby's, the world's No. 2 auction house, has seen art prices fall over 76 per cent since May last year. by Carola MambertoRead more

Inevitable integration

The process of European integration continues. Indeed, it has a life of its own. Perhaps the most obvious recent example, of great interest to foreigners in France - visitors and residents - is the enforcement of speed limits.Read more

Safe and secure

Visitors to the Riviera have often suffered from the region's relatively high rate of crime, while many long-term expatriate residents have their own well-documented concerns about safety and security on the Côte d'Azur.Read more

Riviera in New York

Temperatures are rising in New York. Crouched on my tiny Brooklyn fire escape, I seek relief from the sweltering August heat, the Manhattan skyline quietly pulsating.
Despite the stickiness and excruciatingly torrid, overcrowded subway rides - it’s now that the slight sense of entitlement New Yorkers feel over tourists turns into pure repugnance - summertime in the Big Apple still has its charms.Read more

Food from "home"

You’ve been away from home too long when the cravings, mild at first, become unbearable. Lemons and briny Ligurian anchovies. Focaccia - plain, with onions, or di Recco, with creamy crescenza cheese gushing out of the warm, crisp dough. Aïoli and fuming tripes à la niçoise. Handmade trofie al pesto. Seppie in umido - or cuttlefish stew, so tender and succulent it melts in the mouth. Ratatouille.Read more

Overview issue June

This month, EU elections will put the spotlight on Europe. Here at The Riviera Times however, we’ve gone one better - with a truly international issue.Read more

...Coco Chanel

Mademoiselle is back. Eight decades after her designs revolutionised the fashion world, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel continues to fascinate. With not one, but two biopics about her life and legacy presented at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Coco Avant Chanel, starring a highly praised Audrey Tautou, and the more cooly received Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, directed by Jan Kounen - Chanel's myth is more alive than ever.Read more