What to do in 2012?

Last month, we described how our forecasts of 2011 have proven to be correct, and what the current situation is. As promised, we are now giving you some clues about our favourite investment vehicles. Of course, they do not suit all investment profiles, but they are worth having a look at in these current times.Read more

Investing in the future

As readers from The Riviera Times know, RFP is a very transparent financial adviser and all comments on financial markets and articles can be checked during the months after they have been published on our website. We concluded our article in The Rivera Times January 2011 as follows: "Consequently, we remain very careful and we prefer to wait before investing again on stock markets".Read more

Not Such a Happy Birthday

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It was on New Year's Day 10 years ago that the euro turned into coins and banknotes in the pockets of the citizens of 11 countries.
In the weeks before, the dire predictions had resembled those of 2000 when the "Millennium Bug'' had been forecast to freeze computer systems and cause jumbo jets to crash at midnight on 1st January - especially when they flew across the dateline - and so on and so forth.Read more

10 unusual financial products

Everybody has heard about savings, stocks or bonds, but banks are actually very innovative. We would like to introduce you to 10 types of investment you are probably not familiar with. Here are the first five. Next month, we will present the next five.Read more

Momentum on the Left

The autumn rentrée belonged to the French Socialist Party. It took a majority in the Senate for the first time in the 52-year history of the Fifth Republic; then, it successfully carried out primaries to choose the candidate to face Nicolas Sarkozy in presidential elections next spring, giving François Hollande, a former party chief, a resounding victory.Read more

Property prices slow

Latest figures issued by the FNAIM (France’s national federation of real estate agents) show that prices for ancien (over five years old) properties in France outside the Paris area slowed down in the last quarter.Read more

Ideal Home Exhibition in Marseille

The Parc Chanot in Marseille is once again the venue for Marseille’s big early autumn ‘Ideal Home Exhibition’, la Foire Internationale de Marseille, running from 23 rd September to 3rd October.Read more

This month: Generations of socca and sisterhood

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In what I took at first as a huge compliment, and evidence of having successfully fooled everyone into believing I am a proper grown up, I was bequeathed my delinquent 16-year old sister for the summer. Her failing grades and daily threats that she would quit school before graduation were severe enough to panic our father and convince him to put her on a flight to Europe. As I write this she is currently MIA, having ‘runaway’.Read more

Plots and issues

When the French Socialist Party's leading hope was arrested on sexual assault charges in New York, the Sofitel hotel, where he was staying, informed its Paris headquarters. The Accor hotel group's security chief immediately then phoned the news through to President Nicolas Sarkozy's office. d.Read more

115 years at sea

It is the last French merchant ship that is equipped with sails: the three-master "Le Belem". For 115 years, the oceans oft he world have been a home to the the ship. It is unique and doubtlessly deserves to be classified as a historical monument. For two days, the people of Nice can now experience this piece of maritime history at first hand.Read more