Plots and issues

When the French Socialist Party's leading hope was arrested on sexual assault charges in New York, the Sofitel hotel, where he was staying, informed its Paris headquarters. The Accor hotel group's security chief immediately then phoned the news through to President Nicolas Sarkozy's office. d.Read more

115 years at sea

It is the last French merchant ship that is equipped with sails: the three-master "Le Belem". For 115 years, the oceans oft he world have been a home to the the ship. It is unique and doubtlessly deserves to be classified as a historical monument. For two days, the people of Nice can now experience this piece of maritime history at first hand.Read more

London calling

Yesterday I was interviewed about the riots in the UK by a French radio station. The fact that I was asked to comment struck me as strange at first, “I’m not there, I’m in France, what can I say?” was my initial thought.Read more

No gift from the gods

At first, the affair looked like Manna from Heaven for Nicolas Sarkozy and his Union for a Popular Movement party, or UMP. In the space of one weekend in May, his main opponent in next year's presidential election was eliminated and humiliated.Read more

Sponsor a hero

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A team of seven cyclists are setting off from the UK to Nice to attend the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting.Read more

This month: all that glitters

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In my first year living on the Riviera, strapped for cash and linguistically challenged, I worked a season in an ostentatious privately owned villa. By the second week it was hard to see the sun rising through tears of exhaustion.Read more

A friend in need

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A year ago I decided I'd like to do some voluntary work. I wondered whether the Samaritans, who provide confidential emotional support by telephone, operated in France.Read more

Fraternal connection

Marseille. Its deep-red bouillabaisse fish stew; its old port; its plunging views on the Mediterranean; its calanques, the picturesque bays hewn from the rocks on its outskirts.Read more

On false friends

Continuing our new series of French words resembling English words, but not having the same meaning (faux amis), here are a few more classic examples...Read more

On the buses

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Explore the region for the price of a two euro return bus fare: RT journalist Carolyn Reynier continues her tour of the best bus routes in the Alpes-Maritimes.Read more