This month: loving the spread

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In the hustle and bustle of a family kitchen pre-Christmas, I taught an eager relative Tarte Tatin. As the aromas filled the house I told her the story of the sisters Tatin who created the dessert, quite by mistake, in an attempt to save some caramelized apples from burning.Read more

The dream and the reality

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Read The Rough Guide to France and the only thing it says about Saint Etienne de Tinée is that it comes alive three times a year: for its sheep fairs every summer and the two Fête de la Transhumance in June.Read more

Personalities of the year

If there was a winner in French politics in 2010, the conservative consensus is that it was Jean-François Copé, a former budget minister who was recently elected secretary general of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party in November.Read more

On the buses

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Since the introduction of the one euro flat rate throughout the Alpes-Maritimes, RT journalist Carolyn Reynier has become self-appointed queen of the departmental bus system.Read more

Reality government

From the moment that Nicolas Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement suffered a crushing defeat in regional elections last March, a cabinet reshuffle was on the cards. In July, the president said it would follow the conclusion of his much-disputed pensions reform.Read more

This month: hearty onion soup for the soul

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Hands down the best meal I had last month was in a small, family-run restaurant in Porte de la Chapelle at the end of the metro line, on the border of Paris and its suburbs.Read more

This month: A pinch of spice with everything

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One summer, long ago, I worked for my aunt's catering company and it was here, that I first discovered the joys of cooking. To a soundtrack of power ballads, the women worked on autopilot - laughing, crying, solving the problems of the world - while working with the synchronicity of birds in flight.Read more

Fall from grace

After a summer in which one controversy followed another, Nicolas Sarkozy upset a European summit with a lunch-time row with European Commission President José Manuel Barosso.Read more

This month: Dinner and a show

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Hey Rico, how are you?" "Hi gorgeous, just delicious." (Cue blushing and giggling).Read more

That all important energy performance certificate

The importance of the energy performance certificate which, since November 2006, must be attached to property sale documents either at the preliminary contract stage (compromis) or when the sale is completed (acte authentique) will go one stage further, and an earlier one at that, at the beginning of next year.Read more