That all important energy performance certificate

The importance of the energy performance certificate which, since November 2006, must be attached to property sale documents either at the preliminary contract stage (compromis) or when the sale is completed (acte authentique) will go one stage further, and an earlier one at that, at the beginning of next year.Read more

The impossible art of fish stew

“C'est pas tes oignons”, meaning “none of your business”, is what I thought when I started looking into the art of the Mediterranean fish stew, bouillabaisse.Read more

A princess behind the bar and Bardot next door

Being a relatively normal person living on the Riviera, I can be left open-mouthed by the extraordinary things I see whilst other people barely raise an eyebrow.Read more

A strange encounter of the emergency kind

At the start of this month, I was quite sure that nothing more dramatic was going to happen to me than turning 30. Then the roof started to fall down around me and I was forced to change my mind.Read more

The joys of Cliquot and chicken

Perusing the menu on the sun-drenched rooftop of the Hotel Aston in Nice, I decided to take a break from the Rosé IV I have been hooked up to for the past two months and order champagne. It did seem a little decadent for a not-too-spectacular Tuesday afternoon but as Oscar Wilde said "Only the unimaginative can fail to think of a reason for drinking champagne".Read more

This is not what it seems

At the weekend I discovered a most beautiful place. You drive towards Sospel, turn off at an unmarked road and continue up, up, up until there’s nowhere left to go. From here, the view - of the undulating valley and hilltop terracotta villages perched above the sea - momentarily stands you still.Read more

Olive oil: the elixir of (good) life

Everytime I visit my friend's villa it is a serene reminder of what drew me to Provence.Read more

Above and beyond the boundries of bureaucracy

Recently, I’ve had a few run-ins with French bureaucracy. Now, I know it’s easy to find fault with most bureaucratic systems (don’t even get me started on the DVLA) however, the French seem to go above and beyond when it comes to making official procedure as complicated as humanly possible… not to mention painfully frustrating, humiliating and rude.Read more

Love language through culture

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Are you wanting to enjoy local music, theatre, food and wine, whilst living or visiting the French Riviera? Wish you could communicate in native French, or even sing out proclamations in the original language of love?" Starting in July 2010, The Action Language Training Centre CeFoLiAc will be holding French language and culture courses for adults.Read more

Good Mood Food

I am an emotional eater. In fact I am, in general, a very emotional person. I'm the girl with “one step at a time” and “remember to breathe” scrawled all over her notebooks. When I am in a real panic my internal dialogue goes something like this: "Did I shut the front door?" munch. "I’ll be thirty soon" munch munch. "Why don't I own a home?” munch. “Should I just move to India and be done with it?" munch. "Where did this moustache come from?" munch munch.Read more