Top chef salutes Dior’s secret passion

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A partnership between the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel and Dior has captured the imagination of one of the Principality’s most creative - dare one say theatrical - chefs. Taking inspiration from Christian Dior’s epicurean passion for haute cuisine, Maryan Gandon and his team have taken a fresh approach to festive traditions.Read more

Know your onions

Autumn is the time we start to see the new season's onions arriving in our markets and shops - in different shapes, sheens and colours, and all beautifully sweet, crisp and easy to peel. So, away with those tasteless Spanish onions strung into orange netting, and start experimenting with our more locally grown purple shallots, pretty, aromatic reds (rouge-de-florence or rosé-de-roscoff, for example) or, best of all, the sweet yellow doux-de-Cevennes.Read more

Farcis - one of this season’s most edible delights, and how to make it!

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Maydays and sunshine days. This month heralds the start of long summer lunches in the shade, relaxing and gossiping with friends.
The last thing you want is to be busying to-and-fro kitchen-to-terrace, so the ideal meal is one you can prepare in advance. Which, presumably, is why Petits Farcis Niçois were invented. The perfect ‘pick and mix’ summer buffet dish.Read more

A paradise for mussel lovers

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Twenty two years ago, Sylvie Chantraine decided that her restaurant should become something very special. At that time, she offered Belgian specialities. One of those was a mussel dish, which her guests loved.Read more

Home-made pasta

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Nowadays, with the modernisation of so many restaurants, one wonders where to find the authentic Italian ambiance and homemade dishes.Read more

Feel the fresh fish

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The menu of the Ristorante Bugamatta, in Finale, Ligure, remains a mystery until the morning arrival of the fishermen: "It depends on what kind of fish they caught in their nets", says Titti Manno, who has run this fine little restaurant on the sea front, together with her husband, Piero Daccà, for five years. He is a trained chef and the menu is his creation.Read more

Wine tasting at the BCC Riviera

The British Chamber of Commerce will host an evening of wine tasting on November 22nd with honorary guest Rod Smith of Vins Sans Frontières.Read more

Two-day gastronomy and politics events

Le Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen (CUM) will hold the two-day conferences organised by the Auguste Escoffier foundation today and tomorrow. The yearly conference is this time centred on the question of whether there is such a thing as ‘a political meal’ and ‘what is the etiquette’ at such events.Read more

Truffle fair Bastide St Antoine

For fans of gastronomy the truffle market now in its 11th year will kick start the New Year in fine culinary fashion. It takes place at the lovely Bastide St Antoine, near Grasse this weekend on the 6th-7th.Read more

Food and wine lovers meet for Christmas lunch

The AMIAC Club (Alpes Maritimes International Aperitif Club) is having its Christmas dinner on December 5th in Cannes at The Carlton Hotel.Read more