Casa Lupi keeps it in the family

For many years, Ligurian cuisine has been focused on the fresh fish, oil and olives of the region. Its wines weren't of much interest to me until one night at the dinner table when a glass taught me better...Read more

Monaco Gourmand

Club Vivanova founder Bradley Mitton has come together with author of Living in Monaco Zsolt Szemerszky to start the Monaco Gourmand project and publish a unique guide to the culinary heritage of the principality: Signature Dishes of the Principality of Monaco with Wine Pairing Guide. Featuring 14 of the nation’s finest restaurants as well as recipes from the institutions’ head chefs, the guide offers a rare insight into the gastronomic pleasures of this world-class setting. Read more

Gourmet food festival in Villeneuve-Loubet

The Pôle Culturel Auguste Escoffier will play host to a gourmet food festival that will offer activities such as a large farmers market, tasting events and master classes taught by leading chefs. The festival, which will take place on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September, is being held in the hometown of world renowned chef Auguste Escoffiner.Read more

Cooking for friends in Dolcedo

It happened in the summer of 2012: years in the stressful restaurant business caught up with the acclaimed chef Peter Dosot. His job had always been both his passion and his calling, but he was beginning to feel like a manager rather than a culinary artist. “My work was restricted to fixing minor details at the end,” he reflects.Read more

In pursuit of stars

Riviera Insider meets Stéphane Laurin on the magnificent stone terrace of the restaurant at Château Le Cagnard, where he has been head chef since October 2014.Read more

Easter at the Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat

Enjoy the perfect Easter weekend with a gourmet lunch on the terrace of La Véranda at the Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat, a Four Seasons hotel overlooking the spectacular Mediterranean coast. Read more

Keisuke Matsushima: Inconspicuous Michelin star dining

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Keisuke Matsushima isn’t the kind of restaurant you walk into off the street. In fact, from the exterior on rue de France, it’s hard to recognise that this even is a restaurant. But once inside you will be treated to the creative cuisine of Keisuke Matsushima, a Japanese native who has adopted Nice and Provencal cuisine whole heartedly.Read more

The boss of bistronomy

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Armand Crespo has done it again, opening another bistro in the Old Town of Nice where the prices are as appealing as the menu.Read more

Reinventing a favourite

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Pastis is as synonymous with French Riviera living as petanque and sun bathing. Traditionally served over ice with a small jug of water, pastis is not only this region's favourite drink, it is the national drink of France. But did you ever consider replacing wine with pastis during a meal? The idea was introduced to The Riviera Times during a special lunch at JAN in Nice last month, and the result was quite surprising!Read more

Riviera terrace dining

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Whether it is by the sea or overlooking the spectacular countryside, terrace dining in the Riviera is a must in summer. Provencal cuisine, Mediterranean seafood, a chilled bottle of Côte de Provence rosé … who could wish for anything more? But with so many to choose from, how do we find the best? Well, we asked our Facebook readers to tell us their favourite terrace restaurants, and this is what they chose!Read more