Gone fishing Cannes style

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Lined side by side on the Cannes coastline are a plethora of private beach restaurants. Each has something to offer, whether it's relaxed service, regular beach food or entertainment. At Miramar Plage, it's seafood. Each day, head chef Guillaume Goube proudly presents fresh fish on giant silver platters for the guests' choosing. You like what you see, you order it. Then you let the kitchen do its magic.Read more

Dining like a star for the day in Cap Ferrat

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Paloma, situated on the rocky peninsula of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, is more than a beach restaurant, it's an institution. First opened in 1948, Paloma is the gem that arose from the post-war years, quickly becoming the vacation resort of the world elite. And so it has remained, attracting the likes of Jack Nicholson, Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Keanue Reeves, Tom Cruise, Mick Jagger, Jean Cocteau and Winston Churchill, to name but a few.Read more

Picture perfect Juan les Pins

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Juan les Pins is a lovely stretch of coastline. The soft sand between your toes, gentle waves lapping at the shore, happy children building sand castles - it's just a nice place to be, any time of day. It's also a beautiful setting for a lunch or dinner by the sea, and situated at the western end of the busy promenade is Bijou Plage, a comfortable, relaxed beachside restaurant with reasonable prices and an award winning view.Read more

Flavours of the Orient

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Maya Bay in Monaco has taken the best of Asian cuisine - Thai and Japanese - and put them side-by-side in a wonderful display of skill and sophistication. Impeccable service and contrasting oriental design all work to elevate a 'nice meal out' to an 'exceptional dining experience' - and at a surprisingly reasonable price.Read more

The Italian stallion of French Riviera food fairs

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L'Italie à Table is an authentic Italian food fair, now in its ninth edition, that will run in Nice from 30th May to 2nd June this year. The event draws in food lovers and culture enthusiasts from all over, offering the best of Italy in terms of its food, tourism and unique heritage.Read more

One chef, one concept

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As the buzz of the Cannes Film Festival reverberates throughout the city for the entire month of May, what's needed is some time out at Sea Sens above the Five Hotel and Spa. Serving ambitious and technically fabulous food, Sea Sens is a lavish and optimistic experience, with food as sharp as its slick surrounds.Read more

Healthy and Heavenly

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More and more people are taking an interest in where their food comes from, and the recent horsemeat scandal has certainly pushed this subject into overdrive. 'Bio' is no longer a word associated with hypersensitive hippies - many of us are actively choosing to include chemical-free foods in our diet. But what happens when you want to go out for a meal?Read more

Take your tastebuds on holiday

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Culinary tourism is the hot new trend in travel. With the increasing interest in food channels, travel shows featuring local and regional cuisine and food documentaries, more people are journeying across the globe just to enjoy a new food and wine experience.Read more

Gastronomy in the (ex-) greenhouse

If you ask the people of Albenga where is the best place to eat fish, they will often answer: Il Pernambuco. Filled with the charm of another time, this restaurant in the Viale Italia belongs to Luciano Alessandri. His wife Ivana and daughter-in-law Nicoletta run the show in the kitchen.Read more

Enjoy life without limits

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The place is buzzing, this is immediately clear. Celebrities brush shoulders with hungry visitors from throughout the region. Giancarlo Priano is in his element: he stands at the bar and welcomes the guests. Unruffled and enthusiastic, he has a kind word for everyone, even though they flood in like bees from a hive.Read more