Life Support

Dear Andy, I have been self-employed in France for a few years now and my wife and seven year old son are all attached to my carte vitale. However, I always see adverts on TV for a mutuelle de santé. What is it, do I have one already and if I don't, do I need one? Healthy-in-LevensRead more

Fishing in the Med - Miramar style

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The sea bass céviché is a particularly popular dish on the menu at Miramar Plage (see recipe to the left), what with the gentle lapping waves close by and the warm summer sun. In fact, all the seafood dishes are renowned at this restaurant, and it's not surprising when you understand why.Read more

Recipe August 2012

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Sea bass cÉviché with lime, tomato, spring onion & avocadoRead more

Warm Summer Salad

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By Chef Thierry ThiercelinRead more

Sipping rosé in Summer

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The tradition of growing vines in Provence dates all the way back to the time of the Greeks and Phoenicians, making this the oldest wine growing area in France.Read more

Real estate: what to expect under the new presidency

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France's new President, François Hollande, promised a number of new measures in his election campaign manifesto to tackle the chronic housing shortage in France, and the new legislation is scheduled for after this summer's Parliamentary break.Read more

The philanthropist of Bordighera

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Charles Lowe lived in Wiltshire for many years but he also spent much of his retirement on the Italian Riviera, where he was just as generous with his donations to good causes - including providing funds for Italy's first tennis courts.Read more

New Exec. Chef impresses at Fairmont

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The new Executive Chef of the Fairmont Monte Carlo may be discreet by nature, but he can certainly express himself well on the plate. Ask him about what he thinks of the flavours of the south, and there’s no stopping him.Read more

Haute-couture cuisine

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There is a fresh new face manning the gastronomic scene of Monte Carlo Beach - Paolo Sari, a young, talented and dynamic chef from Italy. This innovative chef is combining Mediterranean traditions with ingenious creations, producing a wild mix of tantalising flavours from around the world. Read more

Fruit Terrine

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By Chef Brice MorventRead more