Gourmet rosé wine lunch in Saint Tropez

Experience one of Saint Tropez’s finest four star hotels with Club Vivanova. Club founder Bradley Mitton has organised a gourmet and rosé lunch party in the exceptional venue of the Hotel La Ferme d’Augustin on Saturday 13th May.Read more

Le Rosey Summer Camps and wine tasting soirée

Club Vivanova will host an exclusive evening of wine tastings and networking along with a presentation of Le Rosey Summer Camps at the Wine Palace Monte Carlo on Thursday 11th May. The evening will feature a selection of boutique imported New World wines and gourmet canapés in the refined setting of one of Monaco’s high-end locations.Read more

Prince Albert sends his condolences to Paris

As yet another suspected terror attack hits Paris, Monaco’s Prince Albert II has reached out to French President François Hollande in an official letter: “The French Republic knows it can count on the solidarity of my country through this difficult time.”Read more

Monte Carlo Fashion Week 2017

The famous Monte Carlo Fashion Week 2017 will be held in Monaco for three days from 1st to 3rd June. Celebrities and fashion icons from around the world are expected to attend to the fledgling fashion week, which will see renowned Italian fashion designer Chiara Boni open the runway on June 2nd – coinciding with Italy’s national day – and showcase her new collection: La Petite Robe.Read more

New additions to Monaco stamp heritage

Two new stamps have been created in Monaco to celebrate five years of the Princess Charlene Foundation. The first stamp (71 centimes) is a picture of the princess at the South African-Monaco Rugby Exchange’, which aims to welcome young South African children to the principality. The second stamp (85 centimes) is a picture of the princess taken in Corsica during one of her educational Drowning Prevention evens.Read more

Prince Albert II’s comments on Stockholm terror attack

In the hours that followed the Friday terror attack in Sweden’s capital city, Monaco’s Prince Albert II has reached out to King Carl Gustaf XVI and offered his condolences and support during the difficult time.Read more

Monaco performs hostage scenario

Monaco recently tested its security measures and ability to react to a serious public safety threat in a hostage-taking scenario baptised Alpha Tango. The full-scale operation, which took place on 3rd April between 7pm and 2pm, gathered more than 400 law enforcement teams and medical professionals together at the  Rainier III Auditorium in the context of a multi-hostage situation.  Read more

Princess Grace hospital improves outpatient care

The Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace in Monaco has expanded its outpatient care to provide patients with a faster recovery and more personalised treatment and service following an operation or hospital stay.Read more

Pelagos Sanctuary Agreement

The signing of a momentous agreement between France, Monaco and Italy to protect the nations’ shared marine environment took place this week at the Monegasque Ministry of State as part of Monaco Ocean Week.Read more

New 50€ note enters circulation

As of today, some 6.5 billion new look 50€ bills have entered the European currency as the European Central Bank attempts to crack down on fraudulent reproductions and forged notes. Now featuring a stronger orange shade, the European Central Bank has also incorporated a transparent window displaying Europa, a goddess from Greek mythology.Read more