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Air France blocks 15 US-bound passengers

Trump has banned citizens from seven countries from entering the USFollowing Donald Trump’s executive order to ban entry to the US to citizens from seven countries worldwide, Air France has refused travel to some 15 passengers over the weekend. While dual-nationality British passport holders have been told that they can still travel under the ban, France is yet to receive the same assurances.

Over the weekend, 15 passengers heading to the US from France have been either removed from their flight or refused access to board by Air France staff. 

"It's international law and we have to follow it, quite simply," a spokesperson for Air France told AFP. "We have taken care of all of these passengers: nobody is stranded in Paris… We have made the necessary arrangements to redirect these people to their point of origin.”

The nationality of these passengers is not yet known, but Trump’s new travel ban has already affected hundreds of citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. The executive order prohibits their entrance to the US for 90 days.

Even some US citizens and those legally entitled to reside in the US have been blocked from entry and countries from all over the world have been impacted, including France. Over the weekend, the British Foreign Ministry was informed that citizens with dual-nationality, meaning holders of a British passport as well as a passport from one of the seven countries on the black list, will not be blocked from travel. A statement from France’s counterpart is expected today. 

Current French president François Hollande spoke with Trump over the weekend, stressing the ‘economic and political consequences of a protectionist approach’ according to the Élysée Palace.

"Faced with an unstable and uncertain world, withdrawal into oneself is a dead-end response," he is quoted as saying.