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Beaches demolished in JLP

10 beaches in Juan-les-Pins will be demolished over the next three months.The demolition of 10 private beaches in Juan-les-Pins began in earnest this week and will continue over the next three months. The pontoon off the Plage Estérel was the first to go on Tuesday.

The move to remove the establishments is of a legal matter. France’s Loi Littoral stipulates that the majority of coastline be freely accessible to the public, a ratio that Juan-les-Pins doesn’t currently maintain.

Antibes Juan-les-Pins mayor Jean Leonetti says that while he has ‘no problem’ with the owners and employees of the beachfront addresses, they must be removed so that the town is in accordance with regulations.

Similarly, three private beaches in Golfe-Juan have been condemned – Tetou, Amme and Vallauris Plage – and will also be removed in the next few months.

The town of Antibes Juan-les-Pins has decided to absorb the fees of the removal operation at a cost of around one million euros.

The beaches that will vanish from the seafront include: Lucky Beach, Lido Plage, Plage des Iles, Jazz Plage, Estérel lage, Star Plage, Epi Beach, Trident Plage, La Petite Plage and La Voile Blanche.

Five new private establishments will be built on the sands in time for next summer: two measuring 1,000sqm and three measuring 650sqm. Owners of the beaches that are to be destroyed are able to apply for the new concessions, although Leonetti has said that he cannot guarantee they will be successful.