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California Bliss frozen yogurt comes to Nice


California BlissCalifornia Bliss is more than a regular frozen yogurt company. California Bliss brings the feeling of the West Coast to France with the fresh taste of frozen yoghurt, numerous toppings and a fun décor of palm trees and surfboards. Danielle Ahajot and Kylie Schuyler, the two co-founders of the French ‘froyo’ built a company that “reflects who they are”, while also helping girls in underdeveloped countries around the world access a good education.  

California Bliss opened its first shop in Aix-en-Provence in 2014. This was followed by numerous pop-up stores on the French Riviera, in Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, Cannes, Biscarosse and now Nice, where the newest pop-up store will be open until December 2019. Danielle and Kylie did not stop there – they opened their second store in Paris in 2018. But according to Danielle Ahajot, who grew up in Cannes, the heart and soul of California Bliss is on the French Riviera. She moved to California when she was 22, where she met Kylie Schuyler and thought “why not bring the famous Californian frozen yoghurt to France?” This is when it all started.

Flash forward twenty years and this ex-trader and her associate created an inclusive and thoughtful brand. The concept is simple: take the Californian culture of the frozen yogurt, combine with the French expertise in cuisine, a little help from nutritionist Virginie Rodriguez and you get a traditional fat-free frozen yogurt with all the benefits of probiotics, magnesium and protein.

Riviera Insider spoke with Danielle about this blend between two countries’ traditions. She said: “California Bliss frozen yoghurt combines French ‘savoir-faire’ and high-quality products with the Californian dream.” California Bliss - Danielle Ahajot

Five years ago, they expanded their menu to include Acaï Bowls, smoothies, Bliss pops and ‘icy Bliss’ their shaved ice and syrup selection. In summer, to meet increasing demand, the company expands its reach to the French Riviera with pop-up stores and beach carts mainly in the Saint-Tropez, on the Manoah and Byblos beaches. However, in May 2019 a new law restricted construction on beaches, so California Bliss moved to Nice train station on July 1st, with a pop-up shop open until December 31. 

But there is more, the French frozen yogurt also made their way onto some legendary restaurant’s dessert menus. It began in 2015 with The Intercontinental Carlton hotel in Cannes, the following year they made it onto the menu of The Majestic in Cannes. Today, California Bliss can also be found on the menu of the famous Les 2 Magots Saint-Germain-des-Près, in Paris. But Danielle revealed that she has big plans for the near future.

”California Bliss is defined by high-quality products easily accessible to all. Our goal is to move people. We’re strongly working towards expanding our presence and carrying on this adventure across France. While keeping more tangible shops on the French Riviera, in Cannes, Antibes, Saint-Tropez and even Monaco, we also want to develop partnerships with high-quality restaurants in Normandie, for instance, and we’re also thinking about other facilities in Europe and around the world.”

California Bliss - Global GLOWCalifornia Bliss is not only defined by its frozen yogurts but the involvement in a charity for providing education for girls. Established in 2011 by Kylie Schuyler, the Global G.L.O.W. (Girls leading our world) charity provides education for girls in underdeveloped countries such as Afghanistan, Laos and Uganda. According to Danielle, young girls’ education is more important than ever and she is happy to work with a company who is so dedicated to this cause. 

- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle