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Cannes: Red Bull’s first ever air race in France

Racing over the River Douro in Portugal in 2017. Copyright Predrag Vuckovic/RBARFor the first time in the history of the adrenaline and jet-powered competition, the Red Bull Air Race Wold Championship is heading to France. Cannes has been selected as the location for the second stage of the international event, which begins in Abu Dhabi on 2nd February 2018. The City of Film will host Round 2 on 21st and 22nd April.

It’s an exciting time for French spectators and participants; French pilots feature in both the Master and Challenger classes of the competition, including Mélanie Astles, who is the first woman to ever compete in the series!

The Red Bull Air Race combines speed with skill and precision. The pilots of these ultra-lightweight raceplanes must navigate a low-level slalom track marked out by 25-metre high inflated pylons, reaching speeds of 370kmph and forces of up to 10G as they twist and turn through the obstacles. The event was dreamt up with the Red Bull sports think-tank as ‘the most advanced aerial challenge the world had ever seen’.

“The 2017 title went down to the wire, keeping the world in suspense up until the final run of the final race,” says General Manager of the Red Bull Air Race GmbH Erich Wolf, “and now the teams are using the off-season to make their raceplanes even faster. The best pilots in the world just keep getting better, and the destinations that will welcome them next year are spectacular. I can’t predict who will win the 2018 season, but I can guarantee it’ll be one to watch!”

Throughout 2018, Red Bull’s air circuit will crisscross the globe to destinations in Asia, Europe and the US. The finale is to be held in November at an as yet unannounced location.