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Development in Cannes

It will provide a new place of learning for some 1,000 students in the fields of: journalism and communication; tourism and yachting; and cinema, screenwriting, video game creation and sound engineering.

Project 1: Bastide Rouge University Campus

West of the city centre in the Cannes-la-Bocca neighbourhood, activity is bubbling at the Bastide Rouge technopole and university campus. The complex will also include offices and conference facilities for businesses, a student residence of 140 beds, a cafeteria and a longawaited 12-room multiplex cinema.

It is the flagship project for city mayor David Lisnard, who has spoken passionately about the new development since 2014, saying it will bring together and inspire a whole generation of media savvy students and young companies.

Now it is beginning to take the shape of architect Charles Gulizzi, who beat some 85 other applicants to win the contract. With over 6,000m² of space (3,000m² of which will be dedicated to research and training), the building is designed in a modern style. Large glass fronts and asymmetrical shapes make the building look futuristic – an inspiring ambience for the creative minds who will start here in 2019.

Project 2: Boccacabana

If you hear a little of Rio de Janeiro’s famous Copacabana in the name of this new development, then the concept shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

BoccaCabana aims to revitalise a narrow and relatively unattractive stretch of road between the city’s old port and Mandelieu.

Also taking place on the western edge of Cannes, From dusty and traffic-chocked to promenades under palm trees, broad footpaths and cycle lanes, fitness zones, playgrounds, beach extensions and renovations, better public transport links to Cannes’ city centre, improved parking facilities, increased CCTV surveillance… This 5.2km section is to be totally revamped with a greener and more environmentally-friendly approach. Mayor David Lisnard has responded to residents’ concerns that the seafront will become another expensive area - like La Croisette - by publicly stating: “The Boccassien coast must retain its soul. We will respect the area’s identity and maintain its reputation as a popular and affordable destination. I say it clearly: there will be no Croisette in La Bocca. I am very attached to our public beaches and there will not be a single new centimetre of private concessions on the Boulevard du Midi.”