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Former mayor of Nice hopes to regain his position

Former mayor of Nice hopes to regain his position. Copyright Olivier EzrattyIn the wake of Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the recent French presidential elections, Christian Estrosi has announced his resignation from his role as president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region. The former mayor of Nice hopes to reprise the position of mayor of Nice in a vote next week. The current mayor, Philippe Pradal, has already decided to step down.

Just days after the French presidential elections, prominent right-wing politician Christian Estrosi has made a decisive move that may rule him out of joining Macron’s new government.

"My only ambition is to serve my city and my region, not to enter the government," explained Christian Estrosi in an official statement following his resignation as the president of the PACA region. He now plans to regain his former position as mayor of Nice.

The news comes amid Estrosi’s proclamations that he will do all he can to fight against the Front National and prevent the city of Nice from falling under far-right influence.

"In the PACA region, Emmanuel Macron obtained 55.5% [of the vote]. All predictions indicated that we would be the only region where Marine Le Pen would be leading, yet she was beaten. It is a great victory for the Republican and Democratic forces of our region,” Estrosi said, adding “She was also beaten in the bastions of the Front National: at Pontet, Cogolin, in the department of Vaucluse, and in Fréjus where she only had 50.02% of the vote.”

“In the Alpes-Maritimes department, despite the ambiguity expressed by some elected representatives [regarding their vote], Emmanuel Macron won 55.4% of votes,” he continued.

“In Nice, after I addressed each of the Niçois people in an open letter, Macron won 60% of votes. I want to tell the people of Nice that I am proud of them.”

Estrosi is now looking ahead to the coming legislative elections on 11th June.

“As of today, we must all mobilise to support our candidates in the parliamentary elections. For my part, I will be standing by our candidates who have shown exemplary behaviour during the recent elections and who have not weakened in the face of pressure from the Front National,” Estrosi said.

Philippe Pradal, the mayor of Nice since June 2016, handed his resignation to the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes on the evening of Monday 8th May.

As previous Mayor of Nice from March 2008 to June 2016, Estrosi concluded his statement saying he felt that his hometown needed him. City officials will meet to elect a new mayor at the beginning of next week. Local media is reporting that Estrosi has already obtained the ‘unanimous’ support of the municipal majority.


Claire Davis