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Grand Prix de Monaco Historique: legends only

If you thought that vintage cars belong only in museums and under dust sheets, the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique is here to prove that there’s plenty of life still in these metal beasts. From 11th to 13th May, fleet after fleet of golden oldies – in lifetime only – will tear along the famous Monaco circuit, which remains 80% the same as that used in the very first race nearly a century ago.

Copyright Michael KurtzThe Grand Prix de Monaco Historique takes place every two years and organisers at the Automobile Club de Monaco have made three major changes to the 2018 programme. One: the smallest single-seaters from Formula Junior and F3 have been removed – with great sadness – from the line-up. The ACM’s Organising Committee says that it intends to ‘focus even more on F1, the absolute pinnacle of speed racing’. Two: following a request from entrants in the 2016 race, the A Series (pre-WWII Grand Prix cars and voiturettes) is back after a popular inaugural run two years ago. Three: Race C has been rethought to ‘present a panel of the most beautiful sportscars of the 1950s without eliminating the cars that took part in the one and only GP de Monaco reserved for sportscars – 1952’.

In total, over 180 Grand Prix cars that participated in international races and are in conformity with the regulations for their respective eras will be included in the 11th edition of this enthralling event. All of the vehicles have been selected for ‘their historical value and their degree of authenticity’, according to the ACM.



Race A: Pre-war Grand Prix cars & voiturettes

Race B: Pre-1961 front-engine F1 Grand Prix & F2 cars

Race C: Front-engine sport & prototype racing cars with engine capacity of 2L or more (that raced between 1952 & 1957)

Race D: F1 Grand Prix cars from 1961 to 1965

Race E: F1 Grand Prix cars from 1966 to 1972

Race F: F1 Grand Prix cars from 1973 to 1976

Race G: F1 Grand Prix cars from 1977 to 1980