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Hollande justifies prolongation of state of emergency

Hollande has announced that France will extend its current state of emergency until 15th July 2017.Barely two days ago, it seemed that France was on the verge of lifting its state of emergency ruling, which has been in place since the Paris attacks in November 2015 that left 130 people dead. However, following the high school shooting in Grasse less than 24 hours ago, French president François Hollande has reaffirmed his decision to extend the state of emergency and the special security powers awarded to police until 15th July.

On Wednesday, Minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas is reported by Le Figaro to have said, "We have created the conditions that make it possible to exit the state of emergency, without weakening ourselves or remaining helpless in the face of the threat of terrorism.”

Just over a day later, however, the president has reasserted his decision to extend the state of emergency in December last year following the explosion of a letter bomb at the French IMF offices in Paris, which injured one person, and a high school shooting in Grasse that has left over a dozen injured (none are life-threatening injuries) - both of which occured on Thursday 16th March.

Speaking from Corrèze, which he is currently visiting after a brief stop in the Var in the south of France, Hollande said, “"All of these [recent events] led me to justify a state of emergency. I announced, and parliament was good enough to follow my position and that of the government, that the state of emergency will last until 15th July.”