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La Chaise Bleue de SAB’s artist to sue for illegal reproduction

Nice painter and artist Sabine Géraudie (also called SAB), has decided to take action against people who sell unauthorized reproductions of her sculpture La Chaise Bleue de SAB. The chair, which stands on Nice’s famous Promenade des Anglais, represents one of the most famous art pieces of the city. 

© CC Adalberto TiburziIt is in a souvenir shop in Nice that the painter saw miniatures of her sculpture La Chaise Bleue being sold without her knowledge. The artist’s artwork is sometimes used in collaborations with brands to create jewelry, paintings and even clothes, but SAB says that the main issue is that this time the reproduction was not authorized. The artist even announced through her social media that she would be suing anyone who illegally reproduces her work, and that she had already contacted a lawyer to help her through the process.

Indeed, despite being  displayed in a public location, La Chaise Bleue de SAB, which was unveiled by Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi back in 2014, is protected by the Institut National de Protection Intelectuelle, (INP, the national institution for protection of intellectual property) that prevents brands and art pieces from being illegally reproduced.

In less than five years, this 3-metre high sculpture has become quite a symbol of the city of Nice, or as SAB puts it “a symbol of the city, which travels across the world through pictures”. Its particularity – in addition to reminding pedestrians of the famous blue chairs of the Promenade des Anglais – is that from any angle it looks like one can seat on the chair, while in reality the sculpture is in 2D, and therefore completely flat.

Leïla Zemirli