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Local government to respond to public concerns

Forest fires have plagued the south of France throughout the year.On Wednesday 6th December, the Alpes-Maritimes’ Prefect, Georges-François Leclerc, will be taking to Twitter to host a live question-answer session with the region’s residents. The theme of the event: major risks.

From the natural to the manmade, Leclerc is seeking to better educate and inform the public of potential issues in the Alpes-Maritimes. These ‘major risks’ could include anything from avalanches, floods, forest fires and earthquakes to industrial disasters, the transportation of dangerous materials and dam failures.

If you have a question to ask the prefect, an active Twitter account (and maybe a dictionary) is all you need. Simply follow Prefet06 and post your question before Wednesday 29th November with the hashtag #questionprefet06.