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Marine Le Pen’s tax on foreign workers

Le Pen has revealed plans to introduce a new 10% on foreign work contracts.Presidential candidate and leader of the Front National Marine Le Pen has pledged to introduce a new tax on foreign workers, including Brits and Europeans. The far-right politician says the 10% tax will force employers to prioritise French workers while plugging the country’s welfare system.

The concept being touted by Le Pen since last week would make employers who hire workers from outside of France pay a tax worth 10% of the salary paid to the employee. 

“We will apply national priority on employment through an additional tax on all new contracts for foreign employees,” Ms Le Pen told Le Monde newspaper, adding, “The income from that [tax] would pay for unemployment benefit.”

Her second-in-command, Florian Philippot, has since clarified that ‘foreign’ applies to non-nationals, including Brits and people from other European Union countries. "Alternatively, [an employer] can hire a French national and avoid having to pay the tax," Philippot said in an interview with RTL radio.

Le Pen is doing particularly well in the polls at the moment as the presidential election on 7th May looms ever closer. She is widely expected to make the second round and her position is looking stronger than ever following revelations that 70% of the public want François Fillon, the right-wing politician hotly tipped for the presidency just weeks ago, to pull out of the race amid a financial scandal.