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Monaco performs hostage scenario

Nearly 440 people took part, including many volunteers and members of the emergency services. Copyright Direction de la Communication/Charly GalloMonaco recently tested its security measures and ability to react to a serious public safety threat in a hostage-taking scenario baptised Alpha Tango. The full-scale operation, which took place on 3rd April between 7pm and 2pm, gathered more than 400 law enforcement teams and medical professionals together at the  Rainier III Auditorium in the context of a multi-hostage situation.  

This hypothetical intervention at the Monaco venue saw teams from the Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco, the Monegasque Branch of the Red Cross, the Institute of Nursing Training, police forces and the fire department come together to manage the dramatised situation. Teams from the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes region also participated in the exercise, as part of established security cooperation.

Alpha Tango falls within larger efforts of the principality to develop and enhance state security in context of international and external threats: “Given the international context and emergence of new risks, the main objective was to test the response of the police, emergency services and Public Prosecution Department, as well as coordination between these entities and with the teams from France,” said an official spokesperson.

The authorities thanked the residents of Monaco for their understanding and cooperation in regards to the different alarms, inconveniences, and simulated detonations that occurred during the night.

Roads and other locations were also closed for the occasion and some bus lines were suspended from regular activity.


Claire Davis