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Monaco wins Ventimiglia port contract

Could this be the future of the port of Ventimiglia?On 6th December, the Principality of Monaco reached a final agreement with the Cozzi Parodi group to takeover its shares in the Société Cala del Forte, which currently manages the pleasure yachting port of Ventimiglia. Monaco, represented by the Société Monégasque Internationale Portuaire (SMIP), will now become the manager of the border marina; a move that brings with it the principality’s unique, modern vision for development and expansion. 

Work is  to begin immediately as the new owners of Cala del Forte set about increasing the number of berths available for yachts between six and 60 metres to 171, expanding car parking facilities, renovating the shipyard and building 3,800m² of commercial areas for local businesses and associations. Other works include the rehabilitation of the sewerage network, resurfacing of nearby roads and access points, landscaping and a vertical lift link connecting the port with Ventimiglia’s old town. It is hoped that the maritime-based works will be finished by summer 2018, allowing business to get back to normal in the port, while shore-based works are expected to be completed in 2019. 

Monaco, SMIP, the city of Ventimiglia and the region of Liguria as a whole have expressed a communal wish to rebuild the port in the image of a 21st century marina that can better respond to the needs and demands of the modern yachting industry. The addition of the Ventimiglia port to Monaco’s current network will also likely ease the strain felt by the principality’s two existing harbours, which are frequently full or in high demand.