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Monegasque Children & Future charity gives Nice hospital 30,000€ grant

The team accepts the endoscope in the presence of Fondation Lenval General Director Arnault Pouillard and President of Children & Future Ariane Favaloro.Nice’s Lenval children’s hospital has been gifted a generous grant of 31,359€ courtesy of the Monegasque association Children & Future. Received via the hospital’s Fondation Lenval, the money has enabled the city centre hospital to purchase an endoscope for one of its operating rooms. The acquisition will enable 250 endoscopies to be performed every year at the hospital.

An endoscope is used by paediatric gastroenterologists to explore the interior of the oesophagus, stomach and small intestine for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The endoscope has a small camera at the end, which produces high quality images that are very useful when performing biopsies of the upper digestive tract.

Dr. Berthet explains: “This endoscope is suitable for the paediatric population of new-borns weighing up to 7kg. We have five gastro-paediatricians on-site at Lenval who use this apparatus every week. It is therefore an indispensable device for the practice of our profession. It is a very delicate device to handle and it has to be sterilized between each use”.

The donation was made possible thanks to the funds raised during the No Finish Line event in November 2016, a charity race that saw more than 13,000 participants canvas a total of 392,516km. Participants raised 1€ for every kilometre they travelled.  The money raised will be donated to the financing of projects for suffering or disadvantaged children such as the donation to the Nice Lenval paediatric hospital.  


Mia Colleran