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Navette Maritime Esterel: it’s quicker by boat

Visit the Esterel coasline by boat this summer This summer, skip the long car rides and visit the Esterel coastline by boat!

From 1st July to 27th August, the Navette Maritime Esterel boat shuttle will be cruising from Cannes, Mandelieu la Napoule and Théoule sur Mer (to the port of La Figueirette) four times a day.

Within an hour, passengers will a taste of this area of stunning natural beauty: Theoule sur Mer’s mysterious inlets and shining waters and Port La Napoule’s fantastic views of the San Peyre mountain and the La Napoule castle, classified as a historical landmark. On the way back to Cannes, sit back and enjoy a romantic sunset on the Croisette.

Tickets are 10€ per person. 


Claire Davis