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New 50€ note enters circulation

Upgraded 50€ note in circulation today

As of today, some 6.5 billion new look 50€ bills have entered the European currency as the European Central Bank attempts to crack down on fraudulent reproductions and forged notes. Now featuring a stronger orange shade, the European Central Bank has also incorporated a transparent window displaying Europa, a goddess from Greek mythology.

"This is a very innovative note in terms of security," Bank of France official Gilles Vaysset said during a presentation of the note in Paris. His colleague responsible for banknote production at the bank, Erick Lacourrege, added, "There are also lots of security measures which are hidden within the note.”

With the help of new technologies, the note has been given a number of additional features such as a portrait window near the top of the hologram, which becomes transparent when looked at against the light.

“The window reveals a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology, which is visible on both sides of the note,” says the European Central Bank. “The same portrait is also visible in the watermark, alongside the emerald number, which displays an effect of the light moving up and down when the note is tilted. The note also includes raised print for the visually impaired.”

About 6.5 billion 50€ bills will be distributed in 19 countries of the euro zone. The 50€ note is currently the most widely used euro banknote domination, with over 9 billion currently in circulation. 50€ bills account for 46% of all euro banknotes and the older versions will remain legal tender despite the release of the newest edition. 


Claire Davis