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Nice’s oldest woman dies at 110

Fernande on her 110th birthday with Christian Estrosi. Copyright VigliettiYesterday, Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi announced the death of the city’s oldest female resident, Fernande Bataille.

Fernande Bataille was born in Rouen on 5th December 1906 and moved to Nice with her second husband, Paul Bataille, in the 1950s. Fernande had various jobs around the city including cashier at the Rialto Cinema located behind the Negresco Hotel.

"It is with great sadness and emotion that I learn of the death of Fernande Bataille, who would have turned 111 years old in December. I visited her at each of her birthdays at the Palatines, where she had lived for several years,” announced Estrosi.

Fernande’s remarkable past during the Second World War was remembered yesterday. She served in the Maunier resistance network and assisted the head of a major sector of Bizerte, one of the most important military ports of the Mediterranean. On 8th July 1972, Fernande Bataille received the Knight's Cross of the Legion of Honour and the Croix de Guerre following her role as a Second Lieutenant of the Free French Forces (Forces Françaises Combattantes).

She also obtained the rank of Commander of the Legion of Honour, which was awarded to her on 8th May 2015. The mayor also added that a street should be named after her in her honour. 

“Following her death, I address in my name and that of the Nice Côte d'Azur Municipal and Metropolitan Council, all my condolences to her son Jean-Jacques, his relatives and the staff of the residence Les Palatines," stated Estrosi.


Claire Davis 

  1. La clarté des sentiments. Dans le reste de la soirée je vois une lumière et le tendre cadeau d'une chanson très joyeuse. Francesco Sinibaldi