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Nice: one year on

A whole day is planned for the commemoration of the 14th July. Copyright Ville de Nice On 14th July 2016, 86 people lost their lives and many hundreds more were seriously injured in an incomprehensible terrorist attack on the Promenade des Anglais. Despite this, one year on, the city and its residents have proved beyond doubt that Nice is still ‘standing proud and alive’.

A day of commemoration: programme for 14th July 2017

9am to 8pm

Citizens will be invited to lay a coloured plaque on the Quai des États-unis to form a message chosen by the survivors and families of the victims.


An interfaith ceremony will be held at the Villa Masséna by invitation of the Alpes-Maritimes fraternité. A moment of reflection will be observed before the temporary memorial dedicated to the victims.


President Emmanuel Macron is expected to give an official address in Place Masséna.


A parade honouring the emergency services – police, medics, firefighters – and the red Cross will take place in Place Masséna.


Live drone footage of the message set out on the Quai des États-unis will be showed on a big screen.


A concert will be given by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nice, the city’s choirs and an artist chosen by the Promenade des Anglais association, which represents the families of the victims, in the Promenade du Paillon gardens.


The families of the victims will be invited onto the beach in Nice to release 86 lanterns into the sky