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Nice's Tramline 3 will connect the stadium to the airport

Mayor Christian Estrosi presents the 3rd line Photo: Nina Barth

Presentation of line 3: The Mayor of Nice presented the future third tram line. Crossings will be secured with traffic lights and new green areas will be created. The opening of a large park in this western part of the city is planned for next year.

Mobile and green: On 2 April, the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, presented the city's tram line 3 at the future stop Les Arboras Université. He was welcomed majestically by four mounted police officers, journalists and representatives of the city at the construction site amidst the near gridlocked traffic. The planned tram line will go into service at the end of the year and will connect the Allianz Riviera stadium with the airport. This will significantly reduce the level of traffic through the main entry point to Nice. 

Facts & figures

In all, the tram will travel seven kilometres - divided into eleven sections - at an average speed of 22 km/h. The speed of the tram will be determined by the speed of the road. "Lines three and two will merge," says Estrosi. The two lines have five stops in common and will thus connect the city from west to east and the western districts from north to south: The Saint-Isidore stop will be 18 minutes from the airport and half an hour from the north-west corner of the city to the city centre. The Allianz Riviera stadium will also be a 36-minute ride to the port.

Starting next year, the tram will run every ten minutes, accommodating up to 12,000 passengers per day. In addition, a Park & Ride area is planned in direct connection with the stadium, which will offer 210 spaces. The cost for Nice's third tramline is 56.82 million euros.

The route of tram lines 2 and 3. Photo: © Nina Barth

So when can you start riding?

In mid-November, the first tram of line 3 officially arrives, and from December the second part of line 2 to the port will also be completed. Until then, the infrastructure facilities on the surface (including new traffic lights) in the Saint-Isidore district will be completed and new green areas laid out.

The "Central Park" of Nice

A little green is not enough: "Between the Nikaïa and the Allianz Riviera a park of 25 hectares is to be created; this will be our Central Park or our Hyde Park", the mayor reveals. It should be completed by mid-January next year.


-Sinja Klock