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Pamela Anderson protests against sea animal’s captivity outside of Marineland

Pamela Anderson outside of Marineland stands up against animal's captivity. Just last week, Baywatch’s former bombshell, Pamela Anderson, raised a sign reading ‘Captivity kills. Close Marineland’ outside of Europe’s famous water amusement park in Antibes.

With the support of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals association (Peta), the actress once again showed her support for animal rights by standing alone outside of Marineland’s entrance, protesting against the captivity of sea mammals.

The actress told the French press that she wanted to dissuade people from visiting those kinds of parks, be it in France with Marineland or Sea World in the United States. She also claimed that cetaceans were smart animals who suffered mentally and physically when deprived from their freedom.

"I am defending this cause all over the world," said the American-Canadian actress, before adding "Now that I live in France, I want to stay active in the country where I live in."

Pamela Anderson has been a long time animal rights campaigner, already denouncing the living conditions of orcas in Marineland last March at the charity gala of the Barrière casino in Sainte-Maxime. 


Claire Davis