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Parenting in the digital age

Mougins School digital lecture seriesMougins School is hosting a talk on Friday 23rd November by an international expert on internet safety for children. Elizabeth Milovidov is an American born law professor, eSafety specialist and digital parenting coach. Geared toward both adults and children, her talk will cover how to use the Internet and social media responsibly, keeping children safe online and preparing them to thrive in the digital world.

Elizabeth points out that today’s parents are the first generation to parent in the digital age, without any instruction or guidance from their own parents. 'Our parents didn’t tell us to regulate smartphone use and our teachers didn't give us digital skills to pass on to our children. We need to teach ourselves and to teach our children.'

Topics covered will include appropriate screen-time, gaming addiction, cyberbullying, knowing what your kids really watch on YouTube and more. However, it’s not all bad! Elizabeth emphasizes the positive aspect of the internet and technology and the benefit it can have for our children.

Elizabeth works with the Children’s Rights Division of the Council of Europe as an independent expert on Children and Internet safety. She provides support to governments and associations for Online Child Protection, travels the world to lecture on Internet Safety and coaches both parents and educators on the best practices in the digital age.

The talk is open to the public and recommended for ages 12 and up.

Friday, 23rd November at 6 pm.
Mougins School

Tickets cost €5 for students, €10 for adults and can be purchased at the Mougins School Admin office or online at
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