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President Macron files a complaint against photographer over holiday pictures

French President Emmanuel Macron filed complaint against photographer over holiday pictures of him and his wife in Marseille. Copyright Arthur CrbzFrench President Emmanuel Macron has filed a legal complaint against a photographer who allegedly trespassed on the property he was holidaying in with wife Brigitte. Macron has accused the offender of ‘harassment and attempted invasion of privacy’. The photographer has reportedly dismissed the accusation and says that the villa's security personnel behaved aggressively towards him.

The incident is believed to have happened whilst the president and his wife were staying in a private home in the Talabot Park of the Roucas Blanc area near Marseille.

While the photographer admits to having followed the president in a car for 15 minutes, he denies having gone onto the property.

"At no time did we return to the President's residence," he told Europe 1.

However, a source from the Elysée Palace states that the photojournalist followed the couple multiple times by motorcycle before intruding on the property.

French magazine VSD interviewed the photographer, during which he claimed he had been treated ‘like a criminal’ by the police, who kept him under custody for nearly six hours while searching his personal belongings on Sunday in a police station in Marseille.


Claire Davis