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Princess Charlene & the Saint Devote Rugby Tournament

On Saturday 31st March, teams from around the world will participate in the eighth Saint Devote Rugby Tournament at the Louis II Stadium in Monaco. Organised by the Monegasque Rugby Federation in collaboration with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation in order to celebrate rugby and its different approaches, the day promises to be particularly intense.

Princess Charlene, pictured with her husband Prince Albert at the Louis II Stadium in Monaco, has long been a supporter of the local children's teams.“The Saint Devote Rugby Tournament continues to grow each year,” says Princess Charlene. “For the 2018 edition, we welcome 16 teams representing 13 nations. I am happy to say once again that sport is a vehicle for exchanges, for surpassing oneself starting at a young age and for creating friendships across borders.”

Alongside the princess, two-time French champion and four-time winner of the Six Nations Tournamenet Frédéric Michalak will also be present to encourage and give valuable advice to the young players.

The U12-category will bring together the following teams: France (Aix en Provence, Lucciana and Toulon), Georgia (Tbilissi), Greece (Athens), Italy (Imperia), Latvia (Mitava), Mauritius (Mauritian Federation Selection), Monaco, Russia (Kaliningrad), Scotland (Edinburgh), Spain (Barcelona), Switzerland (Geneva and Swiss French Selection), Tunisia (Jemmel), and the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi).

In parallel with the competition, the Tots Rugby introduction to rugby event will be aimed at children between the ages of three and five. The Rugby for Everyone section of the one-day event will offer educational workshops and specially designed courses for children and young people from educational medical institutes, for an entertaining introduction to rugby. These children will be guided by the local U15 and U16 Monegasque Rugby Federation members, who wish to share their passion for rugby and the ideals it conveys.

According to the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, the purpose of this tournament is to ‘highlight the values of rugby beyond its physical aspects’.

“These meetings illustrate team spirit and the notions of generosity, sharing, solidarity and respect which help children accept themselves as they are in order to better integrate into society,” says a representative for the foundation.  

The Foundations Cuomo, Sancta Devota, Stavros Niarchos, and organisations such as Orezza, Telis, Eden Park, Apave, MOI, Marché U, Monépi Isolation, Multiprint, Ekinsport, Shibuya Production and Be Rugby are partners of this event.

Entrance is free and the tournament begins at 8.45am (final at 5.30pm followed by an awards ceremony).