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Princess Grace hospital improves outpatient care

The Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace in Monaco has expanded its outpatient care to provide patients with a faster recovery and more personalised treatment and service following an operation or hospital stay.

Professor Isabelle Rouquette is spearheading the efforts to boost the hi-tech institution’s outpatient care, something she has already achieved by increasing capacity by 25%. There are now 19 spaces in the clinic and the professor is leading the charge within the Improved Rehabilitation after Surgery or Réhabilitation Améliorée après Chirurgie programme.

This allows for a ‘specific coordination and organisation of the medical personnel for outpatient care’ according to the health expert.

The programme includes taking pre- and post-operation measures to allow for a smoother and faster rehabilitation for the patient with a bespoke follow-up by nurses, physical therapy sessions, and nutritional services and advice on how to get back to daily life safely and comfortably.

This advancement of care will also provide hotel-like comfort during hospitalisation to maximise the patient’s well-being. 


Claire Davis