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Reinforced resources at all polling stations in Nice

Estrosi has announced that private security personnel will be reinforcing the team of municipal police in Nice this coming SundayIn light of the threats to the upcoming presidential election – with the first round of viting taking place on Sunday 23rd April – Christian Estrosi, President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, has announced a series of security measures to ensure that the polling runs smoothly. The prominent politician also declared: “Never before have there been such threats to the election campaign in France.”

Private security agents, reinforced by the municipal police will be present at all 252 of the polling stations in the city of Nice, most of which are schools and communal buildings. Each polling station will have its own private security officer who will ensure that the surrounding area of the polling station is secure.

In addition, all presidents of polling stations will be equipped with alert buttons linked to the Urban Supervision Centre, which played a vital role in notifying authorities of the Nice terror attack on 14th July last year.

Estrosi ended his announcement saying, “No threat should prevent our democracy from fully taking part in this high point in our political life.”


Mia Colleran