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Snow falls on the Southern Alps

Snow has been falling in Isola 2000 (pictured) since the morning of Sunday 5th November.Ski stations and mountain sides in the south of France have had their first taste of the winter with snow fall up to 30 centimetres deep in some areas.

Since 7am on Sunday 5th November, snow has been falling in the Mercantour and Alpes du Sud. “We passed from autumn to winter in just a few hours,” said Nice Matin’s correspondent in Isola 2000 over the weekend.

Isola 2000 mayor Jean-Marie Bogini has welcomed the change in season, telling the local media: “We’ve had good snowfall across the resort. As we’re expecting a cold front from Lombardy, it should be expected to last.”

Bogini is hoping for as much as a metre in snow over the next few days. Current conditions at the popular resort can be viewed via the live webcam (please click here). 

Elsewhere in the region, temperatures are hovering at around 10°C and rain is expected along the coast tonight. Temperatures are forecast to rise to 15°C in the daytime later this week. 

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