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Stars'N'Bars' Eco Angels organise Monaco Yacht Show clean up

Eco Angels Monaco

ECO Angel Plastic Pickup Patrol was created by the American women behind the immensely successful Monaco sports bar, Stars'N'Bars. They are organising a massive clean-up this Saturday immediately following the closing of the Monaco Yacht Show. 

The MYS brings over 36,000 visitors to Port Hercules, and despite the impeccable care and clean-up during the event, bits of rubbish and fallen plastic bottles are inevitable. The Eco Angels are determined to prevent this rubbish from making its way to the sea.

According to Kate, one of the founders of Stars'N'Bars: "It's so important to pick up the plastic bottles near the port. People often don't realise it, but it only takes a small gust of wind for that bottle to wind up in the sea." She said that when the horns and whistles blow to mark the end of the MYS, the crew of 'Eco Angels' (easily identified by their bright pink shirts) will stop wherever they are to pick up any litter around them. 

Annette and Kate of Stars'N'Bars Monaco

They welcome everyone to take part in the clean-up and even gave out 50 free t-shirts and trash bags to those who wanted to become an Eco Angel.

If you will be at the Yacht Show on Saturday 29 September, join in to pick up some rubbish!