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Teenage girls arrested amid plans to attack Nice

The teenage girls are suspected of planning a bomb attack in Nice.Two girls, 15 and 17, have been arrested following suspicions they may have been preparing a bomb attack in the L’Ariane quartier of Nice and in Levens. The teens were arrested by the General Directorate for Internal Security on 1st April and have been placed under police surveillance whilst the investigations continue.

The arrests were part of preliminary investigations by the anti-terrorist division, following a series of home searches over the weekend. Elements discovered during the raids confirmed the assumption that the girls were preparing a bomb attack.

The date and exact locations that the suspects were planning to target have, for now, remained confidential by the authorities.

Since the bomb attacks in Paris in January 2015, numerous teenage boys and girls have been arrested in France for terrorism-linked activities driven presumably under the influence of the Islamic State terrorist group, ISIS, through social media.

Recent incidents include three teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 arrested in late February for their involvement in a discussion on app Telegram, which was being fueled by French jihadist Rachid Kassim.


Claire Davis