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Urban street performance in Antibes

Urban Street Performance in Antibes. Copyright Ville d'Antibes-Juan-les-PinsThe urban street performance festival Les Deantibulations is returning for its 14th edition in Antibes this summer. This unique festival is dedicated to all things extraordinary: street opera, theatre, fire shows, contemporary dance, acrobatics, juggling and ‘synclownised’ swimming to name just some of the 32 performances that will take place from 8th until 11th June.  

The majority of the festival will be held on the vast Esplanade du Pré aux Pêcheurs between the old town and the port. There is an ever increasing amount of artists in the city and region who are making use of public spaces such as this, which was renovated several years ago to accommodate large-scale events. 

The new Lombard garden in Antibes and the boules courts by the port will also host events. The volunteers at the festival are dedicated to promoting moments of ‘sharing and adventure’ between attendees and artists, wishing to surpass social, generational and cultural differences.  

The festival opens with a circus and dance performance, which is free for all ages, on Thursday 8th June at 8.15pm on the Parvis d’Anthéa. 20 large concrete blocks have been choreographed to move around the stage with the added flourish of circus performers interacting with the changing landscape. The constant movement of these large forms are supposed to represent our constant transit to and from cities. 

Some of the other events include: a burlesque show that addresses the obscure and fascinating side to money; an acrobatic performance with trapeze artists and tightrope walkers; a fire show on the Saturday night where a couple will slip in and out of fiery obstacles; a poetic circus that seeks to marry the real and the imaginary world in to one performance; and immersive electronic readings in a caravan! 

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Mia Colleran