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Visa applications for non-EU homeowners in France: liberate yourself for good

Bilingual lawyer Benjamin Kergueno, who operates offices in the heart of Nice as well as near the British Museum in London, shares his advice about cross-border inheritance. 

French immigration law states that a temporary residency card of four years — known as the Carte Visiteur (Visitor) — can be granted to any foreigner who proves they hold sufficient earnings and assets, and who commits to not working in France.

Earning of a minimum amount 1,200€ monthly (outside of France) is considered sufficient and this can be documented with bank statements, pay slips, pensions and savings or guarantees from a third party, for instance. The only additional requirement is a valid medical insurance policy for the duration of the ‘visit’, which covers the Schengen Zone.

Regularly I encounter foreign clients who are overwhelmed by complex and exhausting visa application process at their local French consulate, which is both time-consuming and stressful, when they want to visit their properties on the French Riviera.

The four-year Visiteur card is the right and simple solution, and no one at the French consulate ever advertises it.

My work with such clients is done with great personal pleasure. Coupling this with the fact that I am bilingual in English and French allows for a relationship without misunderstanding. I am proud to build bridges with foreign legal cultures and assist foreigners in understanding how French immigration works.

Should you like to receive advice on your own situation or to determine if you are eligible for the Visiteur residency card in France and to which extent, please do not hesitate to contact me. My first stage of advice is often free of charge and I will be happy to counsel you with the relevant information so that you can enjoy your vacation in the region with the calm and serenity that inspires the azure sky of the French Riviera.


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