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Whatsalp: protecting the Alps

The hiking group in Vienna. Copyright Gerhard Stürzlinger, whatsalp.orgFor nearly three months, the Whatsalp hiking group has been crossing the Alps, from Vienna to Nice, to document the effects of the never-ending expansion of transit traffic. In an interview with Dominik Siegrist, a geographer and member of Whatsalp, he described the most striking changes of the mountain region over the past 25 years. 

For many years, the Alps, one of the most beautiful regions of Europe, has been struggling with increasing rates of traffic due to its strategic location between central and southern Europe. The Whatsalp hiking group of volunteers aims to draw attention to this problem by documenting their trekking adventure. The Whatsalp group started walking on the 3rd June at the Stephansplatz in Vienna and are expected to finish in Nice on 29th September.

The group will arrive at the Plateau de la Justice in Èze on 29th September at 1pm. From there, they will walk to Nice. If you want to meet the hikers, the celebration will start at 5pm in Nice (Place Masséna). 

There are many ways you can contribute to the protection of the Alps. For more information go to


Claire Davis