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Wolf attacks on the rise

The wolf is becoming an increasing problem in the region

In the first nine months of 2004, wolf attacks were up on the previous year. In the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence some 600 sheep were killed in predator attacks. The director of department of forestry and agriculture (DDAF) Philippe Boda stated that they did not know as yet this year’s final figures, but by the beginning of October they were already greater than those for the whole of 2003. The department had counted 119 attacks by different predators by October 4, against 113 (of which 94 were attributed to the wolf), for the whole of 2003. With regards to herds, 592 sheep have been killed in the first nine months of the year, (including the 149 sheep that fell into a ravine in July, probably as the result of a wolf or stray dog attack). This figure has increased by some 200 from 2003. As a result of these growing assaults, the total amount of compensation awarded should pass the 100,000euro mark in 2004, (almost 170euro is awarded to breeders for each sheep injured or killed). This compares to the 66,371euro given out in 2003 and the 37,550euro in 2002.