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Tentative start to ski season

Although the popular Italian ski resort of Limone has made the decision not to open today as planned - insufficient snow cover was cited as the reason – the resort at Boréon will open for cross-country skiing tomorrow.

Skiers will be treated to a free day of skiing and special rates on rentals. Boréon has 30km of pistesand visitors can also have a go at raquetting. Valberg, Isola 2000 and Auron will restart their ski lifts from tomorrow in preparation for the official opening next weekend. Yesterday temperatures of below 0 degrees – 7 below at Isola 2000 - resulted in ideal conditions for a snowfall on the summits of the Mercantour. The result is a compact base of powder covering the pistes which bodes well for the start of the season. Disappointed Italian skiers at Limone will have to wait for more snow to provide the solid base necessary for the season.