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Five speed cameras for the Var

Speeding motorists should beware in 2005

In an ambitious programme to curb speeding on the roads, the Var department plans six new speed cameras that could be operational from the start of 2005. Whilst the exact locations of some of these cameras have yet to be finalised, it is thought the first one will be in the Toulon area and will be up and running by the end of the year. The Var is a motoring accident hot spot, but is one of the areas with the fewest automatic speed cameras in France. It currently has one in situ in the tunnel into Toulon and a roving camera, and we have just been informed that one hascome on stream on the A8 just east of Les Adrets. The positions being put forward as the most likely spots for the other traps are: on the A50 coming from the west at the Pont des Gaux; on the RD43 at Col de la Bigue between Cuers and Brignoles; on the RN7, between Brignoles and Saint Maximin; and on the RN8 at Le Beausset.