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Monaco cleans up

Incinerator needs 18 million euro investment to meet European regulations by 2005

Monaco’s waste incineration plant on the border with Cap d’Ail on the Basse Corniche is to be upgraded to meet European regulations at a cost of 18 million euro. The work was supposed to have been done in 2003 but will not now commence until June 2005. Only one of the two purification lines will be operational by the end of the year. Monaco’s waste will go to the plant at Ariane near Nice. SMA (la société monégasque d’assainissement) which operates the plant told Nice Matin that the reason for the delay was that they wanted to be sure they had the optimum system before commencing work. Theoretically, Monaco is not obliged to meet the European Union regulations on the treatment of waste by incineration, but clearly it is in the interest of the people in Fontvieille and neighbouring Cap d’Ail to bring it up to standard.