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Var drivers beware

Police launch festive campaign to curb accidents

Drivers are urged to be cautious over the coming weeks as local gendarmes intend to multiply their surveillance operations at what is traditionally a dangerous time of year on the roads. Starting December 10, the first campaign will focus on two-wheeled vehicles throughout the département, particularly around schools. December 11 police will be breathalizing drivers to test alcohol levels in the vicinity of Les Arcs, and the follwing day, a joint effort between local forces will concentrate on all minor roads. On December 17, the military will be manning radar guns all along the RN7. The 18th is a big day with various checks being run across the region, with particular attention paid to the RN97 between Le Luc and Toulon; the RN98 between Hyères and Lavandou; the RD25 between Le Muy and Sainte-Maxime; and the RD560 between Saint Maximin and les Bouches-du-Rhône. At the same time, the commercial zones of Brignoles, Puget and La Foux will be under surveillance, attention being seatbelts and illegal parking in spaces for the handicapped (fines of 135 euros for obvious breaches of the rules). The campaign continues right up to Christmas with plain cloths police out in force on Christmas Eve. Details of the New Year campaign will not be released – so drivers are urged to be vigilant.