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Jobs available at the Monaco Grand Prix

The Automobile Club de Monaco recruits for this year’s event

The Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM), official organisers of the Monaco Grand Prix are looking to recruit young people for this year’s 63th event, which takes place from May19th until 22nd.

The positions open are mainly to fill the vacancies that the Service du Contrôle général cannot. The minimum age requirement is 18 years for controllers, security etc and 17 years for placing visitors in their seats.

Residents of the Principality and bordering communes will be favored for the jobs. No applications are accepted by post; the ACM instead requests that candidates present themselves at one of the two open days, which take place Wednesday April 6th, 2-6pm and the same time on Thursday 7th. Those interested should go to the head office of the Service du Contrôle général of the ACM at Maison de France, 42 rue Grimaldi, behind the club. You should bring along identification papers and a recent photo.