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  • Private beach dining: Zplage

    As soon as the sunny days of a promising season arrived on the Croisette, the Grand Hyatt Martinez’s beach - Zplage - unfurled its parasols and unfolded its deckchairs. Health and nutrition are the focus of chef Christian Sinicropi’s new menu, which blends traditional produce of the Mediterranean with international accents to tantalise the taste buds.

  • Carte Zou: the magic travel card

    A single ticket for travel on both TER Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur trains and Lignes d'Azur buses will be introduced on 1st June. Card holders will be able to top up their card to take a TER train and then continue their commute on the tram or bus network in Nice, all without having to worry about additional tickets for separate modes of transport.

  • The bird map of Nice

    Nice is the second largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte region by its number of inhabitants, but despite a marked urban context, the city has been able to preserve several natural sites. This spring, Nice has inaugurated a new discovery map titled ‘Les oiseaux de Nice’, which displays the locations of about 343 bird species that can be found in the city.

  • La Trattoria: summer launch for the Tuscany-inspired restaurant

    La Trattoria-Sporting Monte Carlo, a Tuscan-inspired venue that offers authentic Italian specialties, has reopened for the summer. Alain Ducasse, the owner of the prestigious establishment, has placed chef Robbie Pepin in charge for this season. The chef uses all his culinary expertise to reflect the generosity and refinement of the French Riviera’s freshest produce.

  • Spa specialists: an interview with LV Riviera Spa

    Duo Lionel Vinciguerra and Mike Blackmann are a young and dynamic team. in just four years, they have come to manage some of the French riviera’s most prestigious spas such as Èze’s iconic Chèvre d’Or and the Five Seas in Cannes – their first project.

  • The Blue Flag beaches of Liguria

    Not only are the beaches of the Italian Riviera blessed with incomparable beauty, but they're also clean and environmentally-friendly. This year, 163 coastal towns around Italy were awarded the Blue Flag Beach eco-label, with the region of Liguria and the Italian Riviera represented by 27 award-winning locations.

  • An infallible nose

    Dior: it’s a name that everyone knows, even 60 years after the death of its founder. Dior perfumes still sit among some of the world’s most expensive bottles; its breathy advertising is legendary. But did you know that this designer extraordinaire has close ties to Grasse and its surroundings?

  • Bradley Mitton

    It’s more than just a club; it has become a community. at the heart of this growing dynamic is Bradley Mitton, who chats to Riviera Insider about his successful concept and global career in gastronomy.